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Frozen & Burst Pipes

Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons, a common one is frozen pipes. This is especially a problem in Canada, as the winters do get quite cold. Water pipes are prone to freezing in the colder months, and water tends to expand quite a lot when frozen. This can lead to pipes bursting from the internal pressure of freezing water.

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Fire Restoration

Over 100,000 thousand fire cases were reported in Ontario in just the past decade alone. Hundreds of homeowners and businesses lose thousands of dollars in property damages every month, and those who didn’t contact their local fire restoration service early enough lose even more.

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Water Damage Restoration

Loose faucets, burst pipes and other common causes of floods are all common reasons to hire a water restoration service. A delayed response to any form of substantial water damage can weaken the structure of a home, and propagate mould and other harmful bacteria. Water restoration is delicate- that is why you need a service you can trust.

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Mold Removal and Remediation

There are a number of signs every property owner should be looking out for that signal the potential presence of mold. If there is an unusual amount of moisture present in indoors spaces, or if there is visible mold, these are signs that there is a problem at hand. If your property has recently suffered water damage, such as indoor pipe leakage or flooding, call us immediately.

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